Cannabath and Body

From soil to oil to skin

Ingredients matter. According to a recent study by the Environmental Working Group both men and women are exposed to over 100 chemicals from their bath and body products EVERY DAY, with a percentage of those being carcinogenic in nature--chemicals in your daily bath products that are known to cause cancer. These products are absorbed by your body every day, sometimes multiple times a day depending on your routine, which is a pretty terrifying thought. Research like the EWG study comes out all the time and people still don't change what they put on their skin--often turning to harsh pharmaceutical treatments for skin conditions that could be solved by simplifying their daily grooming rituals.

For every unnatural ingredient, there are HUNDREDS of natural counterparts that help achieve the same results. You may have to sacrifice the convenience of how quick these chemicals work but beauty takes time and eliminating chemicals from your life doesn't happen over night. Patience is key when letting your body naturally adjust and work its own problems out.

Cannabis works to provide complete homeostasis in your body and when formulated in conjunction with natural ingredients, provides real solutions to real skincare problems people deal with including: psoriasis, eczema, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation and last but certainly not least, acne. Cannabidiol specifically has been confirmed as antipsioratic, meaning that it will help with psoriasis.

Disclaimer: We are not dermatologists and do not retain any medical degrees. Any benefit expressed is purely anecdotal unless cited.