Tye Dye Master Bong Shirt #2+ FREE SHIPPING


Tye Dye Master Bong Shirt #1+ FREE SHIPPING
(cut is similar to a American Apparel shirt)

What You Get
- 100% cotton (super soft feel)
- Made In USA
- Supporting Local Printers & artists
- Supporting Cannabis Movement
- Blessed with #LOVE

These custom 1 of a kind Tye Dye shirts were made in New orleans from a talented artist by the name of LaLa Land Art. She is truly a inspiration to everyone showing that if you follow your passion anything is possible. I made sure that each shirt was blessed with LOVE and therefor you are blessed with LOVE!!!

I appreciate any pictures you send in or post up online of you in the shirt and we will be sharing some pictures on our social media outlets!


ps: let me know what you think of the design and please share any crazy the dye designs you would love to see in the future. email them to masterbong08 [!at] yahoo.com

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