Dry Herb+ WAX Kit

  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit
  • Dry Herb+ WAX Kit


NEW "Dry Herb+ WAX Kit" is on BACKORDER Shipping Late April 2015

$99.95 ($134.95 Value)

The "dry herb+" is the most cost effective way in the world to properly vape dry herbs, oils/liquids and NOW WAX!!!  With its vertical heating element, you get even heating all the time versus the impostors that use a "bottom's up heating coil" that burns the dry herb material.  Blackout X also uses fewer parts in its devices which means ease of use, less things to replace and a more enjoyable experience.  In addition, you know that with Blackout you receive the highest level of customer service, free shipping and immediate responses to your inquiry.  Pickup a "dry herb+today (or a "dry herb+ bundle") and you will be extremely excited!

Kit Includes
1 - Battery
2 - Wax Attachments
2 - Dry Herb Attachments (hold 0.5gr each)
2 - Liquid Tanks with Mouthpiece (hold 2.0mL each)
1 - Chamber Cover with filter screen
1 - Soft Mouthpiece with filter mesh screen
1 - Liquid Filling Tool
2 - Cleaning Brushes
1 - Cleaning Tool
1 - Instruction Manual
1 - USB Charger & AC Adapter

  • Vertical Heating Element – heats all plant material evenly (not from bottom up like other cheap vaporizers)
  • Simple Construction – only 3 pieces (Battery, Herb Container, Mouthpice/Cover)
  • Includes 2 Liquid Atomizers – only 2 pieces (Battery, Liquid Atomizer/Mouthpiece)
  • Box include several extras – 3 cleaning tools, USB adapter, AC Plug
  • Blackout “X” logo engraved on bottom and on components so when you smoke it, everyone knows that you use the best.
  • Two clicks on “Green Light” / Two clicks off “Red Light” - Holding down will display a green light and provide more heat
  • Blackout X logo on battery front in green, “dry herb+” on back in white
  • Weight 1lb (16oz)

This is what everyone has been waiting for...a WAX attachment for the Dry Herb+.  This high quality pyrex glass dome attachment uses a ceramic heating chamber for use with all types of wax and has a 6 month warranty. This is your essential attachment for the Dry Herb+ kit and an extra for the Dry Herb+ WAX kit. 

Wax Attachment Details:

  • Size : 2.5" Tall x 0.9" Wide at globe (63mm x 44mm)
  • Weight : 0.7oz (19g)
  • Components: This comes apart into 4 Pieces (Base, Heating Element, Glass Bulb, Mouthpiece) for easy cleaning
  • Materials : ABS, Glass, Rubber
  • Warranty : 6 month warranty policy
  • Color: Silver & Black 
Please review our return policy section on the dry herb + kit before purchasing.

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