Zlixir Disposable/Refillable Vape Pen

  • Zlixir Disposable/Refillable Vape Pen


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Zlixir Vape Pens use the most advanced technology for vaporing liquid herbal extracts. This delivery system avoids harmful combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, pyrolytes and particulates. A delivery system without combustion is healthier and revolutionizes the traditional requirement of inhaling burning plant matter. The Zlixir Vape Pen includes a 280mAh battery, USB charger, 0.6g cartridge and protective metal box packaging. The vape pen is rechargeable and is refilled by replacing the pre-filed cartridge. The 280mAh battery is switchless – it turns on automatically when you inhale and turns off automatically when depleted. The USB charger shuts off then the battery is fully charged for additional safety. The 280mAh capacity lasts 5-7 days, or more, depending on the usage. (Cartidge ships empty). Refills sold separately.