Blackout X

Blackout X is redefining the vapor industry. Black and classy with a minimalist design and the convenience to take anywhere and vape what you want... What more could you ask for?

Blackout X was established in 2014 with a commitment to build an upscale brand that is stylish, stealth, versatile and requires no charging. Blackout takes the black smoke out of your life!

We have focused on providing an experience like no other:
The first disposable, refillable, vape pen that allows you to use any e-liquid | oil | soft wax... Take it out, fill it, vape it — no need for recharging.

The Blackout Swag products are just as cool as the rest of our products. Put on our hat or shirt today and let everyone know about the first Blackout that you will remember...

We are committed to two things:
Great Products & Great Service
If you don't feel the same way after your first Blackout experience, we want to hear from you immediately:
(800) 605-3580 /

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