Master Bong

Creative energy sprung the birth of Master Bong back in late 2008. When one day a fan tagged him as the McGyver of Pot, the name stuck and he's been using it ever since.

Since then, he has been empowering millions with the information to create a pipe or bong out of anything! Fun and laughs flowed in abundance while we created the world's first Bell Pepper Bubbler, Light Bulb Vaporizer and High Lighter Pipe.

Inspired by the positive feedback he has received, Master Bong created this Vlog to unite the marijuana community. This task at hand is my greater Goal. To have a community where we laugh, share and inspire with one another.

+ Graduated from Oaksterdam in 2008
+ Creating Devices for over a Decade
+ MasterBong has traveled to various regions sampling cannabis


We the People...
Cultivate our Culture Together
Commonly Collected through the Energy of Cannabis
Creating a World Wide Web of Interlocking Bonds
Sharing and Inspiring with One Another
We Unite and Stand as One