Charcoal and Clay Face & Shave Soap

  • Charcoal and Clay Face & Shave Soap


Handcrafted and formulated with 100% all-natural and organic* ingredients including Arizona's own Crow's Dairy Goat's Milk and Mountain Top Orange Blossom Honey, activated charcoal sourced from the United States and Bentonite Clay. This black as night shaving soap exfoliates while distributing healing Tea Tree Oil and CBD into the skin for an invigorating shaving experience.

Shea butter softens the skin with a mixture of coconut oil*, castor oil, argan oil and olive oil that guarantees a luxurious lather and a great cleansing experience while tea tree and rosemary essential oils promote relaxation and healing.

All of our cold-process bar soaps contain: 10mg cannabidiol, pure vitamin e (tocopherol), sodium lactate (a natural preservative used in the curing process), and trace amounts of sodium hydroxide.

*Certified Organic ingredient

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